May 27, 2024
Ceuta Implements Fire Ban in Forests from May 15 to November 3

Ceuta Implements Fire Ban in Forests from May 15 to November 3

The Official Bulletin of the City (BOCCE) has published a series of measures for the prevention of forest fires, including a significant prohibition on making fires in the city’s forests.

The Technical Services of OBIMASA have issued a report recommending the adoption of specific fire use restrictions aimed at preventing forest fires during the period from May 15, 2024, to November 3, 2024. These restrictions may be extended depending on climatic conditions.

According to the BOCCE, the following activities are prohibited:

a) Burning of vegetal residues generated in agricultural or forestry environments is only allowed with prior authorization from the competent authority. This is permitted only for phytosanitary reasons that cannot be addressed with other types of treatments, adequately justifying that no other means are available to prevent the spread of pests or to prevent fires.

b) Burning of stubble and vegetal residues of any kind, including those from clearing and pruning.

c) Creating campfires, bonfires, and barbecues, regardless of purpose, even in designated areas (recreational and camping areas).

d) The disposal of any waste by burning in open air.

e) Throwing or depositing materials that can ignite, such as matches, cigarette ends, matchsticks, cigarette butts, coal remnants, embers, or ashes in open land areas.

f) Discarding outside of designated containers any waste that, over time or under certain circumstances, could cause combustion or facilitate it, such as glass, bottles, paper, plastics, organic materials, and other similar elements.

g) The introduction and use of pyrotechnic materials: launching rockets, flares, and fireworks in forest areas.

h) The use of machinery that operates by generating deflagration, sparks, or electrical discharges (blowtorches, metal cutting, or welding devices).

i) The use of fire in beekeeping smokers.

j) Restricting the use of motorized brush cutters for clearing alongside roads and forest tracks to days when the forest fire risk level forecasted is not EXTREME or VERY HIGH, as reported daily during the fire campaign by the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) through Civil Protection.

k) Setting up nightlife venues and activities in the forest due to the risks they pose.

Once the general prohibition period ends, starting November 4, 2024, fire may only be used for cooking in designated areas (recreational and camping areas) and strictly within the installed facilities in these areas or using portable barbecues.