February 28, 2024
Environmental Stewardship: APES Students Dedicated to Serving Environment and Community

Environmental Stewardship: APES Students Dedicated to Serving Environment and Community

At MA, the AP Environmental Science (APES) course has become a favored choice among students, offering numerous avenues for community involvement and environmental stewardship. The class serves as a gateway for students to engage in various activities dedicated to environmental conservation and community service.

From habitat restorations to beach cleanups, students are actively contributing to the betterment of our environment. Erica Woll, the APES teacher, emphasizes the accessibility of service opportunities. She highlights Grassroots Ecology as an organization hosting numerous events focused on restoration and conservation, all conveniently listed on their website. These events, mostly located in East Palo Alto, provide students with easy access to local service activities.

The engagement in environmental service extends beyond mere cleanup endeavors. It offers students a chance to step away from urban life and immerse themselves in natural settings, fostering a deeper connection with nature. Woll hopes that through these experiences, students develop a stronger bond with the natural elements within their community.

Ben Timm, a senior, recounts his experience at San Francisquito Creek, where he contributed to habitat restoration. His satisfaction in cleaning the polluted creek reflects the fulfillment derived from actively aiding the community.

Apart from physical restoration work, students like Junior Shayla Carneiro engage in educational outreach. Carneiro’s involvement with Canopy, an initiative connecting high schoolers with elementary students, allowed her to teach tree care to third-grade students at Belle Haven and Los Robles schools. Her involvement serves as a prime example of how environmental service can directly impact the community by instilling environmental consciousness in younger generations.

Although many engage in environmental service through the APES curriculum, opportunities exist for all students to participate in local ecological efforts. Various organizations offer easily navigable platforms for students to engage and contribute. These experiences not only aid the environment but also foster a sense of responsibility and connection within the community, nurturing a generation committed to environmental stewardship.